Soil Ammendments, Healthy Soil Composting, and Organic Waste Collection
Upcoming Workshops
Detroit Urban Sustainability Training (DUST) in Cooperation with United Peace Relief's Veterans Greenhouse & Bus Project Presents:
Summertime Intensive Sustainable Workshop Series

Sustainable Urban Gardening with Hydroponics, as well as self sufficiency & fresh food for a lifetime!
Similar programs cost over $4,500 and are drawn out over several months, and are highly limited in location and frequency.
Take advantage of this rare opportunity to "trim the fat" from the program and get a healthy garden growing indoors and out year round!

Only $900.00!

Class Cost Includes:
2014 Sustainable Urban Gardening with Hydroponics Classes
May 18th-24th Click here to Register.
June 8th-14th Click here to Register.
June 22nd-28th Click here to Register.
4185 Hereford St. Detroit, Mi 48224
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  • 36 Classes in 6 Days! (see Syllabus below)
  • 4 Take Home Texts:
    • The Self-Sufficient Life and How to Live It
    • Square Foot Gardening
    • Worms Eat my Garbage
    • Gardening Indoors with Soil and Hydroponics
  • Along with dozens of other printed references!
  • Campsites & lunch provided!

Space is Limited!

Sustainable Urban Gardening with Hydroponics 2014 Class Syllabus:
  • The Natural Cycle and You
  • Becoming Fluent in Pattern Language
  • Multiplying Functions by Design
  • Supporting Yourself (Business Management)
  • Energy & Waste (Planning and Resource Management)
  • Growing Soil & Compost (Basic Decomposition)
  • The Worm Bin
  • Raised Beds, Deep Beds, and Garden Zones
  • Seed Germination and Transplants
  • Square Foot Growing Technique
  • Rain Catchment and Water Purification
  • Compost Tea and How to Use Bacteria Safely
  • Pests, Fungi, and Diseases
  • Extending the Seasons
  • Fruit Trees and Their Care (Grafting, Too)
  • Bees & Honey
  • Urban Critters and Their Care
  • Wild Foods (Identification, Cleaning, and Prepartation)
  • Harvesting, Storing and Preservation
  • Wine and Cider (Home Brewing)
  • Farm Crafts and Skills
  • Crop Rotation and Intercropping
  • Espalier (Training and Trellising)
  • Seed Collection and Storage
  • Hydroponics (Explained and Applied)
  • Grow Room Design, including:
    • *Lights and Electricity
    • *Climate and Odor Control
    • *Water and Nurients
    • *Low Cost "Do-it-yourself" Systems
  • Asexual Propagation (Cloning)
  • Reservoir to Outdoor (No Waste Nutrient Cycles)
  • The Cyclical Harvest
  • Bonus!
    • Hydroponics for Animal Feed
    • Overview of Aquaponics
    • Organic Hydrponics Explained

About Detroit Urban Sustainability Training:
DUST has been sponsoring and hosting Sustainable Workshops in Detroit since 2008 Hosting Workshops by Scott Kellogg, Sepp Holzer, Larry Santoyo, Keith Johnson, Jesse Tack, Fungi for the People, Ja Scindler, Greening of Detroit, Keep Growing Detroit, The 2010 US Social Forum, along with various other local Urban Agriculture groups. We at DUST are excited to be partnering with Veterans Greenhouse Project this year to bring this NEW series of workshops.

The Guys at VGP have years of experience in off the grid living, disaster relief, diesel to grease conversion with the Veterans Green Bus, grow room construction, soil building and more.

Class sizes are limited to provide you with better instruction. Please respond soon as we expect these classes to fill quickly!

We will see you there!

This is a hands on workshop. If you want to just make a donation you can do that too.

Call: Dirt; Healthy Soil Project at 313.799.FARM
Past Workshops
Pallet Project Workshop

Dust in partnership with Veterans Green Bus is hosting a Pallet Project Workshop to benefit the Green Bus Project.

Sat. Nov. 2nd 10am to 5pm

4185 Hereford St. Detroit, Mi 48224
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Participants will make one thing to take home, help build a group project, learn to make many useful things out of pallets, where to find them, where to buy them, how to deconstruct them. Fresh local lunch provided. Receive a 10% discount on the purchase of any finished projects.

This is a hands on workshop. If you want to just make a donation to the Green Bus Project you can do that too.

Call: Dirt; Healthy Soil Project at 313.799.FARM